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Friend Dates & How I Know I Can Never Be a Private Detective

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Hey there everybody,

It is Sunday, and you know what time it is? Blogpost Time!

Another week of school has come and gone in a flash. Despite the fact that the trip to the Arab bath house that my friends and I had planned for this weekend fell though, I ended up having a really good weekend. Our host mom was out to town, visiting friends in Madrid, so Jenni and I had the house to ourselves. And we got pretty rebellious. We sat on the couches *Gasp!* We watched tv *Good Heavens!* And we even ate dinner while watching tv *Faints* It was stupendous! And if I was full, I could stop eating. *The Luxury!* (Side Note: And none of this is to say that our host mom is crazy or overbearing. She is awesome and is an amazing cook! It was just nice to have a little more freedom and not feel like you have someone over your shoulder all the time.)

Basically, we just loafed around on Friday. On Saturday, though, we had a mission! One of our friends from the program was going on a date with someone from here that she had been talking for awhile, and she wanted some backup just in case anything went wrong. Essentially, in case he turned out to be an axe murder or misogynist. You know, normal stuff. Now, originally, there was a big group of us that were going to subtly (read: not subtly), follow them around from a distance. Unfortunately, the cold that was going around at the school had other ideas. By the time Saturday evening rolled around, there were only two of us healthy and reporting for duty. It turns out that the only other person who could come was someone I had really never actually talked to and now I was expected to kill four hours with. Cue Alison being socially awkward. Luckily, I had heard she was super nice and we were united by a common purpose...who promptly disappeared into the crowd and didn't tell us were she was. Yay!

So much for keeping us updated. We picked a direction the general direction we had seen her walking and followed vague directions she had sent us, saying she was "headed toward the fountain by the gelato place." Now if you haven't been to Granada, let me explain something. There is practically a gelato place on every corner and fountains are about as common as you would expect in Europe. So the two of us just wound or way through the throngs of people as best we could in the direction she had indicated. We decided to keep walking toward the end of the road and made some small talk joking about how bad it was that we had already lost the person we were trying to keep from getting kidnapped. When the road ended there was nothing that we could really do but wait. After loitering around for about 15 minutes, we finally got word that she was alive and well still and more than that, wanted to abort the plan and just meet up after her date.

That was fine with me. Well, after I ascertained that it was not the wile kidnapper trying to throw us off his trail. I was starved. So my fellow failed-detective and I wandered around trying to find somewhere to eat. We finally did and plopped down and we ended up talking for hours! No problems. It was great to get out of my normal bubble and talk to someone new. Also, she was just super enthusiastic about being in Granada.

It just nice to talk to someone who is so in love with the city. It gave me sort of a nudge and reminded me to be in the moment. I find that sometimes, probably too often, I am counting down the days until I'm home, planning for the future when I should in the present. It is easy to forget at 8AM when you are walking to class what a wonderful place you are in and what a privilege it is to be here. So I am going to give myself a kick in the pants and really try to make these last 8 or so weeks of here count! I am hoping to organize a time for me to volunteer every week and get myself an intercambio buddy (a native speaker who helps you with your Spanish in exchange for help with their English).

Wish me luck! And I will keep you posted on my progress!



As always, thank you to the Helen Barr Rudin Grant for making this blog and my adventures abroad possible*

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