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Oh, where did the time go?

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I actually have no idea where the time went to be honest. Before I left, I remember confiding in people about all of my pre-trip anxiety, and they would always say the same thing, "Oh don't worry! The time will fly and you will be back before you know it!" I wanted to kick those people. Okay, not really, but with basically four months stretched out in front of you it seem impossible that they could be right.

But, here we are. Time has a funny way of sneaking up on you. They were right about that. But oddly, in the thick of it, it can feel maddeningly slow. If I was watching the days crawl by until trips, if I was digging my way through a mountain of homework, just trying to make it through the day, minutes ticked by like hours. At the same time, though, it feels like I just got here. I can picture perfectly standing in the terminal of the Madrid Airport eyeing up all the new people who I would be spending the next few months with while trying not to collapse from exhaustion, calming my anxiety that seemed to rebel every few minutes, and generally, just sweating profusely. You know, the usual. And now...I only have a week left.

Oh, time you crazy, man-made-thing, you!

Adding to my confusion: It doesn't feel like it could possibly be December! It is still above freezing! There is no snow on the ground! There is no Christmas tree in my house! What is this nonsense!??! But, I think Spain is sneaky that way, and I will forgive them for all of that because they have more Christmas lights than you can shake a stick at and I didn't hear a Christmas song until December. So there you have it.

To conclude: I have also deduced that the end times (Read: End of the term) must be near because I am up to my eyeballs in finals, presentations, and papers. I am desperately trying to rally my motivation, but I am a trimester-university girl at heart who is closing in on 16 weeks of school. No, thank you. I do not care for any more. Sadly, the Spaniards do not take this to heart and excuse me from all my finals. All dramatics aside (Stemming from increased consumption of baked goods and chocolate, I can only assume), I am in the home stretch. I have already taken one of my finals, and I have two more on the way on Monday, plus a presentation Tuesday, and a paper Thursday. Then? Freeeeeeeedommmmmmm.


I must be off! Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze in one more post before I head home with some final thoughts, but if not, I will see you all on the other side. I shall reveal all the hidden mysteries of reverse culture shock as well as how many foods with cheese I ingested in the first 24 hour period. Also, any feelings of regret/nausea accompanying such sudden and aggressive cheese consumption. TONS TO LOOK FORWARD TO! Weeeeeeeeeeee!



Thank you to the Helen Barr Rudin Grant for making this blog and my adventures abroad possible*

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We have been enjoying all of your posts. You are a good writer, with a unique sense of humor. We love you. See you soon. Can hardly wait to hear about your adventures in person. xox

by Nancy Swanton & Brent Petrie

Thanks Aunt Nanc! I can't wait to be back in the States and see everybody. Can't believe I missed cookie baking and Thanksgiving but I am definitely having a good time. I am glad you are liking the posts and I can't wait to see you!

by TrixiStella

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