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Current Anxiety Rating: 5

We have now come to … *drumrollplease* … the packing portion of the travel prep. (*Insert jazz hands here*)

In the interest of preparedness, I researched packing so extensively and for so long I think my friends were thisclose to holding an intervention. This causes some interesting phenomena. For instance: More sentences than I would care to admit start with, "You know what else I read?! I have to bring…" I have also been manically packing away different odds and ends away for months as I have found them (A head lamp here, a book there) just to get things started. And evidently it has now spread to blogging, so we have come full circle.

I thought I would offer up a list of what I am bringing with me prior my four month trip, and later when return, I will update the blog with a list of things that were necessary, a list of things I didn't know I needed, and a list of things I really didn't need to lug around Europe.

Alrighty then! Lest I dilly dally any longer, I present to you my Packing List:

*Note: Bear in mind I will be abroad from late August to Mid-December, so there are a lot of bases to cover with regard to clothing; also I am a compulsive over packer.

- 4 dresses (3 sun dresses; 1 formal-er dress)* (one worn on)
- 3 cardigans of various colors (Blue, black, white) *(one worn on)
- 4 pairs of shorts
- 3 pairs of jeans
- 2 long skirts* (one rolled up in the bottom of my carry-on)
- 1 medium length skirt
- 1 set of pjs
- 12 shirts (mix of tank tops and short sleeves)
- 1 pair of work out shorts
- 1 pair of flip flops
- 1 pair of comfortable walking sandals *
- 1 pair of flats
- 1 pair of converse*
- 1 pair of running shoes
- Underwear and socks
- 2 belts
- 1 pashmina-size scarf*
- 1 swim suit

- Laptop*
- External Hard drive*
- 2 small flash drives*
- Chargers galore!*
- Camera*
- iPod*
- Head phones*
- 2 Adapters* (one in carry-on)
- 1 Surge protector

Health and Cleanliness:
- Make-up
- Lens Cleaner
- Old glasses*
- Contacts*
- Toothbrush
- Deodorant*
- 1 Bottle of sunscreen
- Small bottles of shampoo/ conditioner/ toothpaste*
- Razor
- Prescription Medications*
- Small first aid kit

Odds And Ends:
- 2 soft cover books
- Neck pillow
- Journal and pen*
- Purse
- Small theft proof daypack (Carry-On Bag)*
- Money Belt
- Gift for host mom
- Eye mask*
- Eye plugs*
- Quick dry towel
- Empty water bottle*
- 1 tiny collapsable bag
- 1 big Ziplock

Money and Documentation: (aka Stuff to Not Lose!)
- Some Euros*
- Debit Card*
- Photo copies of travel documents (passport, visa, etc.)*
- Actual travel documents*
- Insurance info*

*The starred items were either worn on or carried on in my purse or backpack

Now this may seem like a lot of stuff, but anxiety tends to bring out my inner girl scout. Four months away from home feels like quite a long time when it is stretched out before me so immediately. And when it comes down to it, I just feel more comfortable knowing that I will have my normal cold medicine in the event I get sick abroad. I feel better knowing that I have plenty of ways to entertain myself on the plane and bus rides because it keeps me distracted from any nagging claustrophobia. I still have about two days before I leave so I will go through and make some cuts to this list, but as of now, all of these things fit between one checked bag (50lbs or under), my purse, and my carry-on, which is a backpack, with even a little extra room to spare, so I not too concerned.

I leave for Spain this Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled for a post about my plane ride!



  • Again, thanks goes out to the Helen Barr Rudin Grant for making this blog and my adventures abroad possible*

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