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About that time I went to Salobreña...

And realized that oceans are, you know, dangerous. Current Anxiety Rating: 2

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On Saturday morning, for better or worse, we woke up at around 8, so we could get ready and eat breakfast before we caught our city bus that would take us to the bus station. I hadn't gotten to sleep until almost 2 the night before, so 8 am felt a wee bit early. But I shook it off and got my butt in gear.

The bus stop was easy enough to find, just a few streets down from my homestay. It was just a matter of getting on the right bus. We asked around for some advice and managed to get ourselves on the right one. It took about 20 minutes to get to the bus station and then we met up with our two other friends who were coming to Salobreña as well.


As I said before, there is a lot to be said for busy-ness as a solution to anxiety, at least for me. While we were getting up, making breakfast, trying to catch our first bus, etc. that morning I didn't feel anxious at all because I was on the move from one thing to the next. I just didn't have time to think about the fact that I used to get really nervous, and sometimes still do, when I was in enclosed spaces with a lot of people or "stuck" somewhere for many hours at a time without my own means of transportation. It's all sort of a claustrophobia thing. I don't like being stuck places without a way to get out if I need to. It used to be a lot more of an issue, and I was worried it would flare up while in Spain when I went on trips like this. but so far I have been quite lucky and nothing has been as bad as that first day.


The bus ride to the beach from the bus station went by super fast, though I had my doubts at first. As soon as we pulled away from the bus station, with every seat filled, a man behind us (who was possibly still drunk from the night before) started singing in a warbly high voice. After about a minute, an older gentlemen started trying to coerce the singing fellow to go to sleep, or at least I think that was what it was. I can't be sure because I think he was speaking Catalan, a dialect from a different region of Spain. Anyway, it must have worked or the guy just passed out of his own accord because after about ten minutes the singing, thankfully, stopped.

After we were dropped off at the bus stop, we managed to find the beach without any issue, again we just asked when we went into a store to make sure we were heading that way. By that time there was also a steady trickle of people in beach attire walking in one direction, so we just followed the general herd. The walk only took about 15 minutes and it was a straight shot. We just kept going on the same street until we ran into water.

Which looked a little something like this!



At the beach we decided to rent two chairs. There were 4 of us and it only cost us about 10 euro for two chairs and umbrella. We got situated and sun screened and then Jenni and I headed down to the surf. There was a decent breeze, so it was relatively comfortable, but that also meant that the waves were sizable. We took a few obligatory pictures of ourselves basking in the sun with the waves around our ankles before we actually really jumped in and when we did, damn was I in for a surprise.

When Jenni and I went back, we wadded in slowly, trying not to lose too much ground to the waves, and failing miserably. We braved one big wave well as well as a few small ones. I briefly turned around to say something to Jenni and when I looked back an enormous wave was bearing down on us.

Before I could do anything, it walloped both of us and I went down so fast I barely knew what was happening. Everything felt like it was everywhere and I felt myself smack into the rocks on my bottom with my face. (They were small rocks, but still, not the most comfortable moment of my life) I got to the top just in time to get walloped by another wave. For the first two, I was pretty relaxed, like "Okay, my bad ocean, I misjudge you; you are scary. Respect." And just kind of waited to fight my way to the top, but by the third or forth one, you could say I was a little panicked.

Jenni and I just sort of scrambled up the beach getting knocked back down every time we tried to wabble into a standing position. I am sure we looked like a mess. My hair was everywhere and my swimsuit was 10 kinds of in the wrong place but 1) it is europe so I am pretty sure no one really bats an eye at that sort of thing and 2) I was more worried about the whole drowning thing.

Luckily for us, we were unscathed and you know, alive. But we decided to give it a rest for a bit before we went anywhere near the water again. In the meantime, we all decided to eat lunch and we sat around for a bit talking. Jenni and I finally went back out but we decided to just sit where the waves came in rather than go all the way in again. That was lovely, and there was no real chance of drowning, though it did seem as though the waves made an honest effort at certain points.

We spent around 6 hours in total at the beach before we started walking back to make sure we could find the bus in time. We were successful, and Jenni and I even managed to get back to our home stay in a timely manner to our house, despite the fact that our bus was a half hour late getting back to the station and the fact that Jenni and I managed to take the city bus two stops too far. But overall, it was a fantastic day! And I managed to only get severely sunburned on one side of my left leg! If that is not a success, I don't know what is!

Thank you for keeping up with my adventures and reading my blog! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts!



Thank you to the Helen Barr Rudin Grant for making this blog and my adventures abroad possible*

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Alison, I LOVE reading these. Sounds like you had quite a ride at the beach but fun at the same time. GOOD for you. Take care of yourself, keep blogging and I'll take care of your mom :-)

by Phyllis

Thanks Phyllis! And thanks for taking good care of her! I appreciate it!

by TrixiStella

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