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Oh, where did the time go? 12.12.2014
Ciao Italia! 27.11.2014
Freeeeeedom. Sort of. 17.11.2014
Midterms, Midterms, Midterms 04.11.2014
Over the Mountains and through the Woods 29.10.2014
Friend Dates & How I Know I Can Never Be a Private Detective 19.10.2014
Settling In, Part Deux or Dos or Zwei if You Prefer 13.10.2014
Planes, Delays, and Automobiles 04.10.2014
Alison's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day 21.09.2014
Alison in Granada-land 14.09.2014
About that time I went to SalobreƱa... 09.09.2014
Things that Makes Spain/ Granada Different From the US 07.09.2014
Granada: Day 2...And the rest of the week in hyperspeed! 07.09.2014
Don't worry! I'm still alive 05.09.2014
The Flight & My Madrid Whirl-Wind Tour 30.08.2014
As I struggle not to pack the kitchen sink... 25.08.2014
Deny. Deny. Deny. 14.08.2014
T-minus 19 Days! Get Excited! OR Terrified!** 08.08.2014